Protect your high rise investments

Our robot continuously cleans and scans building exteriors, allowing building owners to proactively maintain and upkeep their buildings — faster, less costly and a lot smarter.

A new era of exterior building management

Autonomous building care.
Plug & play, BMU-free and cost efficient.


Continuous care

With our robots taking care of your building exterior, you are no longer limited to booking a window cleaner a couple of times a year and hope for the best. The robots are easy to deploy and use AI to ensure that every inch of the exterior is covered so your building
both looks its best and is scanned for any issues. Just like we take our expensive car to be washed and serviced often - we should care for our buildings the same way.


Faster, smarter and
a lot easier

Our robots are up to four times faster than humans, can work for entire days without interruptions and can easily be deployed as frequent as needed. They're equipped with onboard cameras that both scan the surface, detect window frames to crawl over, and
ensure that not a spot is missed. That means a consistent result and thorough inspection - every time. Additionally, the data gathered by our robots can be used for predictive maintenance, which takes the guesswork out of facade upkeep.


Advanced robotics
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For decades, the only way to clean or inspect a building's exterior has been to lower down a person from a BMU at the top of the building. Our robot breaks this paradigm thoroughly - it's light weight and portable, needs no other equipment on the roof, and uses AI to work autonomously meaning that
one person can deploy multiple robots to the building's facades and let the robots do the rest. Once they're done, the building owner not only has a clean building but also a digital twin of the building exterior, which can be used to document the exterior health and identify any issues before they become risks.

Key benefits

Get used to not worrying about facade access

Our team has experience in building maintenance and knows the frustrations of using BMU's that are heavy, can be out of service and complicated to operate. Imagine having a service that is safe for your team, never gets tired and gets the job done four times faster? This is what we deliver.

For building owners

For building owners with in-house service teams, our robots offer an easy-to-use solution for exterior upkeep that will pay itself back quickly. Since multiple robots can be deployed by one person, only the operator needs training, which solves the problem of getting your people on site at the right time.

With an easy to deploy, highly effective solution the buildings can be serviced much more often, and systematically track and resolve facade issues early - while leaving them looking their best year round.

For service providers

Deliver the fastest, most intelligent and most price-competitive service on the market - without worrying about having enough people on call to carry out the dangerous task of hanging off a building. One person can deploy multiple robots at the same time - giving you a team with a much higher productivity.

Our robots ensure that your clients get a perfect result every time, on time, and in compliance with the strictest safety regulations. All while adding the value of a digital exterior scan as well.


Advanced technology

Our platform combines some of the most advanced technologies from the Aerospace, Robotics and AI. The robot has onboard sensors that continuously detects its motion, location and the surface beneath and around it.

The data from the unit is fed to the data hub, which analyses the surface in real time. These datasets become the backbone of digital twin of the building that enables the owner or service company to predict when service or repair is needed.

About the company

We bring robotics, AI and automation to tall building facade cleaning and inspection for safer working conditions, better building management and lower energy consumption. Our team of experts have backgrounds
in building management, robotics, AI and autonomous vehicles and have deep experience in their fields. Together, we're on a mission to protect facades anywhere in the world - better, faster and safer.

Backed by

Founded by

Ido Genosar Linkedin

Co-Founder, CEO

Ido has deep experience in construction and building management, previously holding the position as VP Innovation & Business Development at Israel’s biggest facade constructor. He has since been an executive in one of Israel’s fastest-growing high-tech startups, bringing both industry insight and tech scale-up experience to Verobotics.

Itay Levitan Linkedin

Co-Founder, CTO

Itay is a maker at heart and has dedicated the last decade to UAV and Advanced Robotics. He is focused on both hardware and systems design and has played a key role in leading companies (Elbit, Flying Production, Airobotics) before co-founding Verobotics.